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Book Cover & Blurb: Invidia


An Alien Population Needs Human Hosts to Survive in Invidia , A Novel by William Mewborn

Navarre, FL  – Author William Mewborn offers for review, Invidia, a unique and exciting new book published by Outskirts Press. This science fiction novel combines space travel and mythology to create a chilling adventure set on a distant planet.

When Erica Carter awakens weak, emaciated, and connected to medical monitors in a strange, sterile room, she realizes she isn’t in Kansas anymore… An exotic-looking figure inserts a device into a coupling nodule in her abdomen, causing intense pain and nausea, and she passes out from pain. When she awakens again, Erica learns that she and her brother Dean have been abducted by the Shee’a—inhabitants of the planet Shee—in order to save their population from radiation sickness. She and Dean are to be used as bearers of a microscopic organism, the “Pure,” which feeds on radiation—the radiation that is killing the Shee’a.

Shee is a planet in a binary-star system, one of which is a pulsar—a rapidly spinning neutron star that has a mechanism to beam light. The pulsar changed 700 years earlier, sending out intense electromagnetic beams that decimated Shee’s magnetic poles, increased the tilt of the planet, and destroyed most life in the northern hemisphere. The population steadily migrated to the southernmost continent, which is now contaminated. Shee immune systems were destroyed by the radiation, causing cancer, and a treatment was developed using microorganisms found at the southern pole. These organisms are immune to—and thrive on—radiation, but they cannot live outside a host.

As one of the Shee’a explains to Erica, “They remove—eat, if you will—the tumors and system-crippling elements in our bodies caused by the radiation. In essence, they ‘purify’ our systems. The Pure repair our bodies. Your body repairs the Pure.” Unfortunately, these organisms must be forcibly removed and then re-implanted, a process that is not only unbearably painful, but eventually deadly to the human hosts.

The Shee are desperate to survive, but so are Erica and Dean, leaving them only one choice—escape.

About the book: Invidia by William Mewborn ISBN: 978-1-4327-7400-4 Publisher: Outskirts Press Date of publish: March 2012 Pages: 210 S.R.P.: $17.95

About the author: William Mewborn has lived in Florida for over 20 years and hopes to return to his home state of Alaska in the near future. Invidia is his first novel.

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