Notes From A Writer: The Creative Process

creative processA BLAST FROM THE PAST

I LOVE reading my notes, journal entries, and such from the past. I see where I was and where I am and see GROWTH. Here is something from days gone by.

I learned ‘today’ that I have a prequel to the book I am currently writing. It is amazing the things your characters whisper to you late at night, or while driving on the expressway, or while you are making yourself a PB&J. My protagonist for my current novel told me something last night around midnight after I had shut down my computer and turned off my writing lamp. He said, “I had a mother. She was a princess. Her story is just as important as mine.”

What does that mean for me? A number of things… 

1. The book I am writing right now (which is 48% completed as of today) is book two of who knows how many others.

2. That when I finish this novel, I don’t get to get it out into the world you readers, but instead I will have to be patient while book one is written.

3. That my current book is actually now going to be split up into other books.

Do I mind? Heck no! I am excited. Fog & Crystal (today is now known as The Prophesy of Three)  is what I have been dreaming and aspiring towards for over two decades. It is amazing that the idea simply came to me in a timespan of four hours because I have been sitting and waiting with not an ounce of patience for it to come to me.

I hated reading books such as the Twilight Series, The Gunslinger Series, The Potter Series because I was ever bit the jealous lady and I loved those stories and more but hated that someone else had wrote it and not me. Finally it is my turn!

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