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Book Cover & Blurb: If You Were Me and Lived in…India

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Children’s book author introduces Indian culture to young learners

Carole P. Roman adds the country of India to her series of children’s cultural education books in If You Were Me and Lived in … India

BETHPAGE, N.Y. — The world is getting smaller, thanks to speedy travel and Internet connectivity. As the increasingly global, multicultural environment takes hold, Carole P. Roman, a former social studies teacher and travel buff, presents a book that opens up an exotic country in South Asia. In If You Were Me and Lived in … India, Roman takes kids on a virtual excursion, with cultural information that will captivate children from 3-to-8-years old and beyond.

This lighthearted guide teaches children about other customs in a way that is approachable and inviting. The book is written in a crisp, natural voice that respects the intelligence of readers. It doesn’t talk down to children, as it speaks to many different interests. They will discover popular Indian foods, holidays, activities and landmarks. Other information the book introduces includes the capital, currency and even some common Indian names.

As valuable for teachers as it is for their students, educators can use the book as a launching point for lesson plans, global exploration and cultural awareness.

“Children love this book because it doesn’t inundate them with information,” Roman explains. “Parents or educators can expand or contract to match the intellect and interests of the child.”

Knowledge is power, and this book offers children powerful lessons in how life is both different and similar for children in India.

About the book:
If You Were Me and Lived in … India by Carole P. Roman
ISBN: 978-1484930861
Publisher: CreateSpace
Date of publish: January 2014
Pages: 28
S.R.P.: $9.99

About the author:
Award-winning author Carole P. Roman adds another country to her groundbreaking series of children’s cultural education books. The series includes If You Were Me and Lived in … Mexico, which was awarded the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs Pinnacle Award for Best in Children’s Interest in 2013. Roman lives with her husband, near to her children and grandchildren, in Long Island, N.Y.

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