Who’s In Your Sandbox?


Intense Writing Here
Intense Writing Here

I’ve been waiting for this for quite some times now. I’m so super psyched. Intense writing workshops, on the spot novel pitches, and honest feedback from a panel of creative guru’s including *GASP* Chuck Wendig! OMG….you have no idea how excited I am. For those who don’t know who Wendig is (shame on you) here is a nice interview .

I really do need this little trip. Five days away from work *both jobs* and even though I still have to log into school, you can bet I’ll not be entirely too focused on that. It’s totally worth it though. I mean, can you even imagine the degree of writing ‘highs’ I’ll be surrounded and consumed by? I’ll probably need two weeks vacation just to come down off the high from this one week vacation. But back to what I was say….I REALLY need this writer’s retreat.

I want to dive into the wealth of knowledge being offered to me. I want to engage myself in the hustle and chaos that only writers will understand and appreciate. I want to re-energize my own writing and propel myself into the second half of 2014, which I dubbed ‘the year of positive changes’ for myself.

I am graduating this year with my masters in Professional Counseling. *Go me!  In fact, on April 24th, the day I’ll be seeing all kinds of brilliant artists (did I mention Chuck Wendig will be there?) is actually the day I’m supposed to be walking in my commencement ceremony.  I totally feel I’m coming out way better with the choice I made to attend Pike’s Peak Writer’s Conference.  I’ll also be getting my first few books published, picked up by an agent, or picked up by a publishing company…whichever works out the best for me. BUT I will obtain A, B, or C THIS year. I also landed my first job as a full time Professional Counselor. I’ll also be moving away from working third shift weekends (which I’ve done for the better part of the last seven years) and finally moving my way into a 9 to 5 weekday shift. I’ll get to actually have a life now, and spend time with my family and friends. And go to the drive-in theatre! (God, I love those!!!)

So, you see…I promised myself I would break out of the mold I’ve fit so perfectly in for so very long. I told myself I would branch out, make new acquaintances,  take chances, see the world, and be the writer I WANT and DESERVE to be. And I mean business, people. And so I begin with these lovely boots.

steampunkYeah, you’re probably wondering what the hell all that has to do with these boots. Patience grasshopper. 🙂    The writer’s conference is having a STEAMPUNK themed banquet. These beauties are just one of the accessories for my outfit. I’m dressing up my life with new, positive changes and why not play dress up while I’m at it. Yes? My costume: think America Earhart off to war with the timey-whimey fun-filled drama that comes with playing with too many other artists. I’m eager to see who all is going to come out to play, what they will be dressed like, and what friends I’ll add to my playlist.

Anyway, that’s what’s been going on in my world. How about you?

Cheers, Michala

© MichalaTyann, 2014

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