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Confession, Promise, and Goals

A great number to begin with!

Hi. My name is Michala and I’m a writer. WTH!!!! How the heck can I call myself a writer if I’m NOT writing?

I see that it has been an entire month since I last posted. That is just no good. I came back from my writing Conference with some great goals and boy did I fall flat on my ass!

I think I’ll wait until January 1st to make new goals and begin anew. NOPE…just kidding. It is always a good time to begin. Even to begin AGAIN. Yet, that is where I am at.

So here’s the scoop on the last month:

I quit my job at the hotel because I got offered a job as a full time counselor where I was interning. That means I am no longer working 7 days a week! How Cow, does that feel great! I love it. That means I can have more energy to write, yes?

art harder
Do as Chuck Says!

You would think so but I’ve not done any writing. Yes, I’ve been editing since I am sending off my novel to Del Ray Spectra in 2 days. It is hard as hell to say that to the world because of course I’m terribly afraid they will say no and then I’ll have to come back here and share the news with everyone. I’ve had other rejections but I’ve never been considered by such a noteworthy publishing house, you know. But I’ll let you know, I promise!

I’ve also set great schedules for my writing. And never wrote in those time blocks. I’ve learned that just because things change for the better doesn’t mean the time to write will always be accepted and used. Nope, I’ve been abusing that time. Running away from it. Ignoring it.

But this is my 200th post and it’s a great number, don’t you think? And it is here I will begin again. My CREATIVE goals:

Okay…maybe not BLEED, but you get my drift!

 Write daily, even for five minutes. Edit my three novels and get two self-published while waiting to hear back regarding the third. Join an online writing critique group and possibly find one locally that fits my schedule.  And I’m gonna….



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