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I survived and all I got what a to-do list!

hurrican bayCan you get a sunburn on your scalp when there is hair there? I took a shower this morning and man it hurt. Of course spending five hours with the sun right on top of me…well, I was kinda asking for it I suppose.

I took the kids to Kentucky Kingdom yesterday and instead of riding the coasters and other rides as we did last weekend we opted to go for the water this time.  Not because of the news though, I promise. LOL

There is this one roller coaster that made it onto the news and youtube and stuff for swaying.   Video of swaying coaster.  I must admit, I rode it and I survived. (Now I’m picturing a shirt that says ‘I survived the swaying coaster’ or something like that. LOL I am pretty sure coasters do sway and such. At least, the news agrees with me. Here is the report.

Today I have too many things on my to-do list. And I like to prioritize my lists and focus on the top three things. Anything after those three I am not allowed to feel crappy about if I do not get them done. However those top three…must get done or I am allowed to wallow in anxious depressive ‘I’m a failure, a no-good mom & wife, and a lazy-ass slacker’ mentality. Ha!

So my top three things for today:

1.   Edit 50 pages to email to Del Ray Spectra.

2.  Clean my house.

writing challenge3.  Write 1000 word short story for Chuck Wendig’s weekly writing challenge.

Since #2 is to generalized I must fix that. Sigh. I suppose my bedroom would be the best choice. But I am whining on my side because I spent all day memorial day rearranging the room and stuff. I don’t want to clean my room. (stomping like a 2 year old)

And my random title generating results for was….Labyrinthine Firestorm. Odd. Hmm.

So I am taking a big deep sigh right now. I will work on editing first and then see where we go with the room. BUT I’M NOT SPENDING MORE THAN AN HOUR ON IT DAMNIT!!!! And I will try my damndest to get that short story written. But first…let me take a selfie!!!!! ROFLselfie

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