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What Makes a Woman a Woman?

imagesCA55ZVBIOur view of ourselves, as women, is a complicated and at times messy one. We delve into chaos when we begin to search our inner selves. But I don’t believe that is the way God made it to be. I think we women make things more complicated for ourselves. I know I sure do.

I have endured years of madness, darkness, lack of serenity, confusion, depression, and so much more. Am I where I seek to be today? Heck no. But I do feel that I have made a lot of strong progress in reaching out to becoming the woman I want to be. And yet I still question what is means to be a woman.

Dealing with identity crisis is not what I want to focus on here though. Why focus on the problems? Why not focus on the solutions?

What are the solutions?

The world may never know. J

However, for the rest of 2014 I am embarking on a personal journey. A journey in which I seek for purpose, peace, and passion within myself and within my world. I firmly believe one single solitary person can make a difference when they accept the challenge to make a difference in themselves.

For the month of July I am going to focus on giving myself a full makeover. Not JUST on the outside (but I am working on that as well) but on the inside as well.

I’d love to have other women join me on this journey. I’d love to hear your comments, read your prayers (and pray with you), and know what changes you are making to give imagesCA02X122yourself a full makeover. Inside and Outside.

I don’t want to set goals during this challenge. Instead I want to give my heart and my concentration on hearing, learning, and seeing what changes God wants to do in and with me.

Are you up for the challenge?

July 1, 2014

What is your idea of what it means to be a woman?

Myself, personally, I think to be a woman is too challenging and vague a question. I am me. Indubitably. My behavior and my attitudes change daily. My experiences change me. Shape me. I do not believe I am the same woman as I was 15 years ago, 5 years ago, 5 days ago, or even five minutes ago.

I know I have severely lacked in my understanding and acceptance of what God would have me be, as a woman. But I am my own worst critic. I daily tell myself I should pray more, have more patience, more understanding. I should clean more. I should spend more time with my children, my husband. I should spend more time on myself.

untitledIt is tough playing the balancing act because I know I am so very hard on myself. I continuously seek to help others, give of myself, encourage people. I can only hope that through my efforts, honest efforts, I can be the person who God would have me be.

My mother as well as my mother-in-law both showed me things I should do and should not do. I’ve learned a lot from them. I seek to find the best in them and be a reflection of them. I also seek to know Jesus’ heart and be a mirror of all He encompassed.

Today I want to look upon Proverbs 31 and take a strong inventory in the attributes of the Godly woman. The characteristics and values and try to, the very best I can, hold to such strong and vivid characteristics.

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