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Excuses and Hikes

nanoSeptember, and so far October, have been excellent in way of reviewing haunted houses. As for editing or writing…ugh. Yuck. Writing was just something that wasn’t working. I am slowly growing more used to my job. It’s been a rough ride though, I’ll admit. Life has been hectic and chaotic. For a long while now I feared my annual trip down NaNoWriMo land would be set aside this year.  I just don’t have the time to write amidst everything.

And then I realized what a crock of bull that was. When does anyone ever have the time to write? I mean, unless you are Stephen King or J.K. Rowling *Am I going to hell for putting those two names in the same sentence? LOL

I decided I was going to write my 50K word novel in thirty days no matter what.

And then I got to thinking…I don’t even have a story idea. YIKES. I thought over days and days and nothing that remotely sounded like a feasible storyline happened. I started whining to my two best friends about how I shouldn’t even call myself a writer because I haven’t been writing and I’m not able to write and I don’t like to edit and it’s stopping my productivity……and basically any excuse under the moon you can imagine to NOT write. I got fed up with it all. With myself . You know?

This morning I went walking. (I don’t much like walking). For some reasons the notion of hiking through the woods and walking three miles would be good for my creativity. I’d had a dream through the course of the night and I starting place, if you will. I got my phone *to map my walk and play Pandora) and my Ipod Shuffle *for a pedometer believe it or not and made my way out to go walking/hiking.

A few things happened.

I almost lost my Ipod. I had to backtrack a quarter mile to find it.

I got my story idea. 🙂 Yay! Go me! WHoo-Hoo!!!! And even a title!

waking upTomorrow I Wake Up:


Kendra is found battered and bruised, nearly dead on a hiking trail. While at the hospital nightmares torture her so much she decides she would rather be dead.  For her own safety she is placed in a highly secured mental hospital.

Her doctor knows how important her memory is in solving one of the biggest cases for the Criminal Profiler’s Special Victim’s Unit but refuses to allow them to talk to her. At least not until Kendra can face her nightmares head on.

Kendra befriends a new patient, Stephanie, while in Elmcrest Center and slowly begins to open up about herself. Her nightmares go away and she finds solace and comfort in her first best friend in a long time. Now that she is beyond attempting suicide she wants to be released but is refused that freedom.

The longer she remains the more she uncovers. About herself, her past, and her future. Just when she thinks it can’t get any worse the nightmares return…along with the truth of who she is as well as who her friends and enemies are.

This year I will be blogging my entire story as I write it. So excited.

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