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Midnight Nightmares

Tmidnight.jpg (494×324)onight at midnight…the clock strikes and the pen moves. Or the fingers tap. Or something or whatever like that. All I know is that it is National Novel Writing Month again. ALREADY!!!! This will be my fifth time and if I succeed, my third WIN. And yet, each year I ask myself, “Michala, you are crazy?”

Last year I was a full-time student working towards my masters, a full-time employee at a hotel, and a part-time caregiver. I somehow managed to succeed though. This time, with my new job as a teacher I know it will take even more determination. I’m hoping and praying I can do this.

Last year I had a great November. My novel was complete before the end of the month and I had a blast. The year before that was pretty decent as well. Neither of those books have yet to be edited and published. I HATE the editing process. I really do. Shame on me for my laziness. And yet, here I go again…diving face first into another NaNoWriMo. I have an outline for my story. I don’t feel excited about it but I do feel it could very well be a good novel. I’m already looking for the end of 2014 due to some hefty goals>>>

November: Write NaNoWriMo: Titled Lay Beside Me Still

December: Get through editing different book.

January: Edit Lay Beside Me Still

February: Edit other book

March: Edit final book

April: Begin New Novel

I have decided to post this year’s Nanowrimo novel on my blog as I write it. *As if I need some accountability or something. LOL

Are you writing this month? Are you ready? Are you sick of hearing about Nanowrimo already?



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