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Review: Blakewood

Blakewood by Sable Grey


blakewoodAbout the Book (from Goodreads)

Elizabeth Mason has always been a governess but never for a household as larger or as strange as the one at Blakewood Manor. Upon her arrival, she soon finds that her beautiful new home is owned by a family of vampires. Despite her fears, she fall for two of the mysterious men that reside there. But as she begins to unravel their darker secrets, she becomes a weakness to them both and threatens their safety and the very foundation that Blakewood is built upon.

About the author: (from goodreads)

Sable Grey resides in the deep south of the United States with her wonderful husband, very spoiled dog, and three crazy cats. She spends her time researching her genealogy, designing cover art, watching movies, and reading. With favorite authors like Stephen King, Piers Anthony, and Iris Johansen, it’s no mystery where the inspiration to write tales of love, adventure, and mystery come from. An avid reader and storyteller at a young age, Sable began writing small stories as a child for her mother. However, it wasn’t until she was well in to her twenties that she realized that her calling was sharing her stories with a larger audience than just family members and friends. Now, Sable is dedicated to her craft and to bringing her readers quality fiction with unforgettable characters. For her, writing a story means writing a story meant to touch the mind, body, heart, and soul.

My Personal Review:

Immediately upon opening this novel I was quickly pulled into the story. The author has a very excellent way of grabbing the reader’s attention. This immediately begins my rating at a 9. Let’s see where we go from there…

Elizabeth is a confident, headstrong woman who knows what she wants. She has expectations (even if they are somewhat…this is all I’ll get and I’ll be satisfied with it kind of feel to it) She goes into this new job as a governess and accepts her role immediately. However there are odd things, unique person’s who she can’t help but be curious about.

She meets two men, very different from each other and yet there is a very intense connection between the two that she just can’t seem to understand or shake. Of course, with all the thrills of ‘two guys and a girl’ story lines, this is very much that storyline.

However, the author adds her very own distinctive take on it and I must confess…it was very very different. Something I wasn’t at all expecting. That brave ability to attempt something new and to pull it off, not perfectly but still pretty damn good, warrants some decent marks as well.

I liked the passion in play and I appreciated that it didn’t fall over the edge and into the realm of erotica. Close….but not quite there. At least not in my opinion.

I felt the author did a decent job adding climax in her story (not sexual, duh!) LOL. I’m talking storyline and plot and climax. It was entertaining and I can’t say that I felt the desire to put it down for too long and I never forgot that I was reading it, even during the busyness of my life happening. She held my attention for the duration.

I would say there were some small scenes that almost bored me, very very few and the author pulled me back in quite effectively and with good timing. So Kudos to her on that.

Overall, I’d give this book a 9/10

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