Sharing the Love -Totally True

So today while I was surfing the social media sites I came across this TOTALLY TRUE blog that I just had to share with you. ❤

Mia Botha is someone I’ve always enjoyed reading. She has this site called Writers Write and you should definitely check it out. But anyways….She wrote a blog titled “Help! I married a writer!” in which she talks about her relationship with her husband. She is the writer, not him, but she talks about what it is like (probably) being married to someone who holds to the craft of writing.

This post made me look at things from the perspective of my own husband. I pity him, really I do. LOL She lists (BTW I LOVE LISTS) seven reasons why living with a writer may be challenging. Now, I will not go into detail about all seven because I truly want you to check out her site. The one I most connected with was ‘fictional trauma’ in which she explains the emotional stability (or lack thereof) when it comes to dealing with the traumatic occurrences a writer endures with their fictional characters. She states ‘They are real people-to me‘ and that was so true for me. My characters come alive. I tried explaining to my husband (on a few occasions) how such and such character really dropped a bomb on me and decided they were going to do…or that they weren’t happy being a small character, that they wanted to be the main antagonist. 

At first he looked at me like I was crazy. (I don’t disclaim that fact). Then he said, “Michala, You are the writer. You tell your characters what to do, where to go, and who to kill or what to eat. YOU. You tell them to do those things.”

I laughed at him. (Then cried because I still didn’t know how I was going to write the rest of the book since so-and-so was now the evil bad guy when all I wanted was a nice friendly man who could help my character, maybe offer a kind shoulder to cry on.

But I digress. Mia listed only seven but I’m sure my own dear sweet husband could probably come up with at least a hundred more. 🙂

Check out the post, and check out some of her others. She is amazing, and very resourceful, and devotes times to helping other writers. Who can’t love a gal like that?



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