Turkey Day, Writing, and Goals

Does anybody find these creepy?
Does anybody find these creepy?

Today, last year, I finished NaNoWriMo with 50K words. Today, I stand at 12K words short. I’m a bit disappointed with myself because I believe I could have done this. Am I giving up? Well, I already said that I wasn’t going to. I intend on doing an all-nighter tonight. I believe I can probably get at least five or six thousand more words…who knows, maybe all 12K. *shrugging.

Tonight I went to Barnes and Nobles tonight in search of ideas for some of my goals for 2015. I made a lot of goals for 2014 and I basically completed them for the most part. A few will end up carrying over into the new year. Hey, I’m not perfect. But I am working on a good number of new goals. I’m not exactly thrilled with where things stand for me right now but a lot of that is not a lack of getting things done. It’s just a feeling of my own. Does anyone get that?

I won’t go into detail about my goals just yet. Let’s save those for December. Yes? I will say I have lots to munch on mentally.

Anywhoo…Thanksgiving was good. I ate way too much food, drank way too much wine. I played poker (and won). I had a great time visiting with my husband’s family.

Well, that’s about it for me tonight. I really should get to writing. I hope you dearies had a blast with your own Thanksgiving and didn’t eat too much. Which leads me to one more question…are you ready for Christmas yet?



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