Six Things You Should Never Do

Are you going to make 2015 a successful year?

If you answered yes, then there are a few things you should NOT do.ALWAYS

  1. Never forget the golden rule. Don’t ever do something or say something to someone if you would not like that done or said to you.
  2. Never ever quit on something you believe in. It is the easiest thing to do to quit but the consequences are far-reaching in more ways than you know. It affects you emotionally, physically, and mentally. And when it affects you it begins to affect those around you.
  3. Never go to sleep without setting one simple goal for the next day. Decide on that goal before your head hits that pillow. Whether it is to simply get a load of laundry done or ask for a raise. No matter what you are unable to do tomorrow, make certain you get that one thing done. Then you can praise yourself for having gotten at least one thing done and you can have something to feel good about.
  4. Never fear the unknown. Great things have come out of the unknown; out of the scary unfamiliar. Change is hard but the only way to grow is to take a step, even when that step is on a path you aren’t sure of. Don’t run away from things that scare you. Just don’t.
  5. Never lose your curiosity. You will never solve problems if you refuse to be creative, think outside the box. You will never embrace new experiences if you lose that curiosity.
  6. Never stop learning. Aim to learn something new every day, if not every day then at least once a week. Better yourself. Increase your brain productivity.

1 thought on “Six Things You Should Never Do”

  1. I just recently watched a program on NatGeo that was about the brain and its tendency toward the familiar. Our ancestor’s brains were programmed to recognize and respond to the familiar because things that were familiar to us were safe. Now, however, we have less need for this tendency to stick only with what we already feel comfortable with and research shows that we do better, learn more and increase our capabilities by embracing the unfamiliar. Great post.

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