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Going For It Will Cost You

Let’s say hypothetically, you know what you want. You know what you want to obtain. You know what you are reaching for. Okay? Let’s just say all that. (I hope it’s true.) Now, let’s go one step further and say that you are not going to stop until you get what you want or where you want to go. Okay? Cool.

Here are some important things you need to know…

 It’s totally going to cost you. Yep. Sorry, but it’s the truth. It will cost you in a number of ways. Let’s say things get tough and well, it’s just too tough for you. I hope you wouldn’t do it, but a lot of people just give up when things get tough. (We-you and me…we aren’t going to give up though. RIght. Damn right!) However, if you were to give up (and I’m just saying this even though it won’t happen- IF you were to give up, it has cost you YOUR GOAL.)

When things get tough, it’s the complete truth that you will get frustrated, stressed, self-pity, shame, upset, agitated, sad, maybe even depressed. And when you are under such emotions you tend to make the WRONG choices. Don’t. When things get this way you need to make the HARD choices. The RIGHT choices. Even when you feel like doing the exact opposite, you must choose to make the right choices. Even this will sometimes cost you. People around you may doubt your abilities, even your choices. This is when you need to look within. Look inside yourself and remember what it is that you want and tell yourself that you will not give it up, for anything. Even when your loved ones are shaking their heads and telling you to stop.


You need to be consistent in all your actions. If your SMART CHOICES tell you to do work only on the weekends, then stick to that plan. Even when your children are crying that they miss you. Or when your mother tells you that she wants you to spends a weekend helping her clean her closets. Even when your partner whines that he wants to go out and of course he can’t stay with the kids on Saturday.

 This is when you stake your claim on your goals and be consistent. You tell people who you’re sorry but you have plans, that you have to work (it is work if it is something you are working towards). Tell them you’d love to discuss when a better time would be. Tell your mother that you can’t wait to help and to spend some much-needed time together but you can’t do it on the weekend. Then ask her what other day is good for her. Tell your significant other that you love him/her madly but this is very important to you. Make plans with your children for another day (and remember to keep that promise).

The thing is, if you give even a little room on one thing…it will cost you. You’ll start making room for other things to interrupt reaching your goals. The best thing to do is set those small plans to reach your goals and let everybody know immediately that you are doing this. Then you can simply remind them when they ask you to interrupt your reaching your goals.

Don’t settle for anything less than what you want. It will cost you. You may be happy with your choice temporarily but in the long run, you will begin to question things. You will wonder if you should have gone further. You will wonder whether it could have been better. You’ll wonder so many things. But mostly, this small bug called disappointment will settle into your stomach, in your mind, in your heart. This disappointment turns into bitterness. I don’t care if you don’t believe me, it’s the truth. And I promise, you don’t want to test those waters. It will cost you.

1 thought on “Going For It Will Cost You”

  1. So true. There is a cost to every achievement whether it is one we see or one we don’t. I think a lot more people would end up less disappointed and would have less failure if they would take the time, when making their goals, to accept that it will cost them. They need to take the time to think about what the cost of achieving their goal will be and what the reward for them of reaching the goal will be. Only when one realistically defines what the cost will be can one truly say they will be successful.
    Life offers many limitations to our endeavors. There are only 24 hours a day. This fact alone deters far too many because they feel they do not have enough time to accomplish anything great. But Leonardo DaVinci also only had 24 hours a day, so did Thomas Edison, Nichola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin. These men accomplished amazing things, all with only 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and 365 days each year.
    I point out the 24 hour a day limitation because I find most people lack a true understanding of what it means. Everything we do requires time. Even if you choose to stay up and watch the Late Late Show – that is a choice that will cost you. By staying up and watching the show, you are not sleeping. So the cost of watching the show was not one hour less of sleep, it was actually two or even three hours less of sleep if you would have gone to bed on time instead of staying up to watch the later show.
    People need to start treating their time like money. If I gave someone 24 dollars, they would perfectly understand the management of that $24. They could choose to use $1 for a drink, $5 for a to go meal, $15 in gas which would leave them with $3 to spend on something else. Why they do not realize time is spent in the same way is beyond me. 1 hour for eating lunch, 1 hour for cooking and eating dinner, 8 hours at work …

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