Pills, Roadtrips, & Bookstores

 So I’ve been sick for the last twelve days or so.  Because I’m in between jobs and that new insurance on the new job has yet to kick in I went to a little clinic inside Krogers…called The Little Clinic. Ha! Really…. They were very nice and told me I had Shingles. Lovely. The medicine they wanted to give me was way expensive but fortunately they had an alternative. So instead of taking one pill twice a day I get to take 4 pills five times a day. I don’t know which was worse: Having shingles or having that many pills to swallow every day.

As if that wasn’t bad enough I ended up with the flu…or it’s not so distant cousin. Who knows. Friday was hell for me. Totally. My defenses were down, my immune system was at a low point, and the students I teach had completely no sympathy for me whatsoever. (Do middle schoolers even know what that word is?)

I went home and crashed into my bed (after taking another four pills) and didn’t wake up until 9:40 am today (or um…Saturday-I just noticed it’s after midnight now). I did a quick mental full body scan and decided I wasn’t dead and so I must…without a doubt, no hesitation, get my ass up and get dressed, and get on the road. 


Well, because Karen Moning and J.R. Ward was meeting at a bookstore only an hour and 50 minutes away from my front door. Hello!!! It was Moning’s Fever series that I found only because I fell in love with her Highlander Series and it was Moning’s Fever series that inspired my own fantasy series. You know…the one I just only published this month. Four years ago, sitting in my office at work, my own story dropped into my lap while chewing on how fantastic Mackayla Lane was and man could Fae be dark and deadly and dangerous and dashing and daunting and all those other D’s. Oh…and what about B’s…because Barron’s…Yummy.

Okay>>>>>Moving on!

I kissed my husband bye and began driving. Just under two hours is not all that bad. I’ve been rereading Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series and of course I always have back up on So I started back into that while I drove.

 When I got there I purchased both Iced and Moning’s newest Burned  and prepared myself for the line. I learned  that I was number 847 of probably 1000….and man oh man 846 people in front of you makes for a very long wait. But I got to stand pretty close to the middle for the Question and Answer Discussion time with both authors and I was super eager to get pictures.

And then I realized I’d left my Ipod sitting at home…all alone, with no Michala to love it. My phone…it’s a good phone. Great screen size. But the camera SUCKS!!!! Still, I tried to get some pictures. But did I mention…my phone camera SUCKS. It does. I would have kicked myself but I was still sick (though not dead) so I figured I would be kind to my body.

I arrived at 11am…I got home at 9pm. Wowza! Long wait. But I got to meet some great people, promote my own book a bit, and learn about some books that I definitely want to add to my TBR list. Everybody received a raffle ticket when they purchased a book. Of course, I’m never lucky. I’ve never won any raffle do I didn’t get my hopes up high. Though, around 6pm two ladies passed me and both handed me their raffle tickets and said they couldn’t wait any longer. And would you believe it, one of those chicks won the raffle. Of course somebody else would have that luck. I told you I wasn’t lucky and I never won raffles. But wait…they gave me their tickets…and if I had their tickets….I had their luck. Hahahahaahh (Evil Maniacal laugh erupts while I rub my hands together). I got to win a beautiful Burned calendar. YeeHaw!


And the drive home, even though it was in the dark, I finished Song of Susannah.

Karen Moning
Karen Moning

And I made it home safe. And I’m not feeling as sick as I did this morning…or yesterday. Big relief there.

So I uploaded the My phone camera SUCKS photos…so that everybody can agree with me. (Did I say I wouldn’t mentally kick my ass? Nope) Still it was a good experience. A nice memory. 🙂

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