Creative Strengths

tumblr_m6ofm8gLOl1rpy88co1_400_largeThe Journey of the Torture Writer Continues:

My creative strengths…

I know I have creative strengths. They have existed since I was a young child. Inside me existed poems and short stories, even novellas. And as I battled many years with my own deep dark depressions these creative strengths aided me in a way that I was able to get through some of my darkest moments, even long periods of madness. I fought to write, unable to produce anything that ever reached conclusions. And then…low and behold, a story came to me; a brilliant epic fantasy that seemed to go on and on. I sought help and found friendships along the way. I finally completed three NaNoWriMo’s and still yet I, with my cowriter’s help finished the first book of the fantasy series.

And today I sit and claim those creative strengths. I have many ideas in my mind. I’ve jotted down some of them, started others, and today sit and moan and whine about no creativity. It isn’t that I lack creative strengths. It is something else. Something in my life is missing and has stopped my abilities to put those strengths to work. No action, only thoughts, dreams, desires.

I must find what is missing.

There are three things I have been tasked to do:

Morning pages: 3 long-handed pages every morning.

Artists Date: Once a week, I am to take a day all by myself and spend time focusing on the artist in me.

Walking: at least 3 twenty minute walks a week and one hour long walk weekly. I believe my artist date will combine my hour long walk. But that might not always be the case.



(the tortured writer)

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