The TW attacks: Day One

bloom-where-you-are-planted-72The Tortured Writer continues her journey:

Day One:

Upon picking up the book The Sound of Paper by Julia Cameron I observe a few things. The cover is not spectacular. It has trees and birds; a lot of brown. It is somewhat fitting as I don’t feel so spectacular with my writing either. At the bottom of the cover it says Starting from Scratch. This makes me nod my head in agreement. I feel like at this point I have done something to lose my direction, my creativity, my luster for writing. Perhaps I need to start from scratch as well.

Opening the book leads me to another somewhat bland but softer page. It isn’t the regular paper feel. It’s glossy, more artistic in a simple way page. It’s heading begins ‘in order to make art…’

It then states we must live an artful life. We must live a life that is rich enough and diverse enough to fuel us.

I must admit at first I thought I don’t live any type of rich, diverse life. I teach full time and I am about to start my second job working at a hotel (a rehired position). These students around me have lives. The guests I’ll be around have lives as well. Shouldn’t I be able to live my life enough around this to write? That is what I think originally.

And then I recognize that I would still have a sheltered life. I would be living through others and that is not enough to fuel a diverse life that deserves writing about. I have said often that I do not like Louisville. And yet, I know that there is a world of culture out there and I don’t even have to travel far to get that culture.

So today I have decided I will, at least once a week, make the effort to get out of my bubble and visit the city I live in, walk the sidewalks, observe the beauty, and I know there is beauty to be found, and as Julia says, ‘bloom where we are planted’.

Blessings, tortured


(the tortured writer)

1 thought on “The TW attacks: Day One”

  1. Author Julia Cameron says in her book The Artist’s Way, “(Creating) art always gives us the ability to move out of the victim position…Holocaust victims scratched butterflies on the walls of concentration camps. That assertive creative act spoke plainly: ‘You cannot kill my spirit.’ At its core, art is triumphant.”

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