I ain’t no Audrey

My next task is to write down 25 things that equals sophistication (at least in my eyes)….Hepburn_Audrey_Breakfast_at_Tiffanys

Before you read my list, make up your own list and then compare yours to mine. 🙂

1 the right type of clothes
2 well-manicured nails
3 high heels
4 good hair style and color
5 the right weight/body shape
6 great handbag
7 posture
8 air of knowing
9 car appropriate
10 the way one speaks
11 sunglasses
12 the perfect bangs that swoop just the right way
13 having experience that comes from traveling
14 your demeanor
15 reading choices
16 where you choose and what you choose to eat
17 having a quietness about you that says so much more
18 appearing to have ‘that’ goal and publicly working towards it
19 the right job and job level (important position)
20 knowing certain people
21 having that perfect resume
22 commanding their own space
23 owning that perfect writing implement
24 the ability to make people laugh and think at the same time
25 the right shoes 

At first, reading ‘Who, Me’ section didn’t sit well with me. It wasn’t like last night. I’ve never been to NYC nor have I owned an air of sophistication about myself. At least, not that I know of anyway. She speaks about all those sophisticated New York People and I felt disconnected. But then I made my list and felt like I better understood.

It was her desire to be sophisticated, to fit in among, and to understand and be understood by the people you look to. And I totally understand that. When I went to the Writer’s Conference last year I felt like I didn’t actually stack up well enough to the people around me. They had written books and published them. I looked up to them only because they had that mysteriousness about them that came with being or doing or having something I didn’t.

We set people apart, lift them up higher than ourselves. Why? Why do I aspire to want to have these things that suggest sophistication. And yet, I look at the list again, and wish I had them. Why can’t I just be content with who I am and what I have? First I need to give myself things and set myself apart enough to accept that who I am and what I have is good enough for me. Hmm…more thoughts to come.



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