Personal Discoveries

portrait of my consciousness at this point in time

I couldn’t wait. I had to get my task done so that I could move to the next section of my new book. The task was to make a poster board pulling images and words that ‘spoke to me’. I immediately set out to Walgreen in the middle of the night and picked up a couple of magazines. I didn’t look inside them ahead of time either. I did browse the covers of them for a few minutes. Still, I stuck to what I knew and liked. I picked up Psychology Today and Mental Floss, deciding those two would be enough. 

I really got lucky (or again, the fates favored me). I started off without a clue what I was looking for. However, it soon became apparent what was speaking to me. You may not be able to make out the words but you can probably see all the light bulbs. In one corner are the statements of starting new habits and solving problems. And the rest of the board is all about uplifting my new creative strengths, sparking insights, finding those AHA moments, and even the routines and practices of other writers. I was pleasantly surprised with my board, and how it all came together so easily. 

Of course, Julia even said in her book “it may surprise, delight, or even alarm you” and she was correct. I did indeed make some personal discoveries. I can’t wait to dive into the next section but I will not this night do so. Instead, I will embrace my board, let it dig itself deeper into me. Tomorrow morning will be my first morning in which I must write three pages and I will take that time, possibly, to write more on my thoughts.

I’m off to bed, to stare at my door, my board, and to harness those creative strengths within me.



(the tortured writer)

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