I need space!

So, I have this small problem. I have a small living space. Now, I’m very blessed with my house but as my family grows (our kids are teens and preteens) our house seems to get smaller every time we have another birthday.

Being a writer, a professional teacher, and a hotel representative, and a mother of three (four if you count my husband…and I do) it’s so hard finding time and space to write. I used to go to various coffee shops, libraries, parks, and the like but I was always needed at home. It was just inconvenient and definitely a crux in my writing creativity. Imagine writing a great chapter only to have a phone call about where a book was or so and so won’t do what I told her. And obviously I can’t turn the phone off. They’re my kiddos. They need me. I totally get that.

But I NEED ME too. My creativity is hurting. 

this one is new…not like the one I’d be buying! LOL

I NEED SPACE. There is no where in my house to write. I’ve tried getting creative and all but there’s just no space. I even locked myself in the bathroom and typed away in my tub. LOL Seriously. I did!

So I decided to try GoFundMe. I posted a listing tonight. I’m not asking for much. I’ve done my research and have found a number of local campers and such that are definitely fixer-uppers. I’m cool with that. I’ll gut the things out and create magic. It is even better that way because then I can make it MINE. My own Space!

So…if you are feeling a little in the giving mood…help me find my space. Visit my gofundme site.

Donate anything you feel comfortable doing. I’d forever be grateful. And you will be helping me fulfill my goals, making the world a better place, giving light and love in your own way.



(The tortured writer

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