When the Smell Makes The Difference

43f4523363980cc3f735e8629aa2ef78I have an account. That’s most definitely not uncommon, especially for a writer. I have both read the entire Dark Tower Series by Stephen King and listened to it. I feel I both get something unique as lose something cherished by both experiences. With reading you get to take your time, taste and even taste again if you so desire, certain words, scenes, paragraphs. When you relish and delight yourself on something and have that option to go back for seconds, there is just something brilliant about it. That’s what I love about the written word, the pages beneath your fingertips, even the smell of the book. It’s something almost magical; would you agree?

However those audible books have something going for them….most of the time. I have come across some books where I just can’t help but dislike the story more because it’s being told to me. Perhaps it is because I didn’t grow up with someone reading stories to me. I learned very early to read to myself and that spectacular thrill of rereading something and happening upon something so very new and yet I’d read it before. I was amazed. How could it possibly happen? And yet it did, time and time again.

I think it is this experience that gets lost when you listen to a book. You can listen again and again and of course you will come upon something new. How very aware are you at all the words you hear? Most people are multi-tasking and will always lose something from their story. Yes, you can rewind but it still isn’t the same as with a book in your hands. happy-quotes-1044-520x245

I am currently listening to Laura Lippman on audible. This was after trying to listen to another novel that just wasn’t holding my attention. I am certain it was a good book, intriguing and suspenseful…my kind of book. Still there was something about it that wasn’t holding me. So I moved on to another. I’ll most likely try listening to it another time. It could be the mood I’m in and not the book itself. (Have you ever experienced that- the mood you’re in squashing your desire for a certain book, even though you are interested, but you’re not at this particular time?)

Anyway…those were my ramblings. Your thoughts on audible? Reading? Ebook vs paper. Audible vs reading?

BTW…what are you listening to? Me- Michael Buble: Feeling Good….Mmmmm That’s a sweet melody. Rich and suave and oh so good.



(tortured writer)

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