5 Reasons to Attend a Book Signing Event

book signing

  1. You get to meet the most awesome people. Those who inspire you and motivate you. Tonight I got to meet Chuck Wendig all over again. I got to hear from three different authors, three brilliant minds, three unique perspectives about the writing process, the prewriting process, the editing process. It was just a bunch of good shit. I mean, these people obviously know what the hell they are doing…they have to be doing something right, you know?
  2. These authors have, just like you, things they love and things they hate. Sometimes it is similar to your own feelings. Other times you may be shaking your head going ‘nope, I don’t agree.” Yet it is truly inspiring and so unbelievably motivating to hear what they have to say. I got to hear from these three men, these three wonderful writers all kinds of things. Their favorite music they enjoy writing to, the hardships they endure while living the writer’s life, the books they read, and so much more. (I now have more books on my to-read list that come highly recommended-they aren’t promoting these books for any other reason than that they were entertained by them.) And if you visit a book signing event of a novelist as a writer, and they inspire you, why the hell would you not want to dive into something that they liked.
  3. I’ll be honest, right now I am at a point where writing is hard for me. I don’t want to claim writer’s block because I probably just am not pushing myself hard enough. The word of the day: slacker. The rule for the day: NO SLACKING OFF You either write or you don’t. At this moment I know without a doubt I have been slacking my ass off and not producing anything. Of course I know there are personal REAL REASONS that do interfere with the writing process but I can’t let that continue to hold me back. Yeah sure, writing at this moment where I have just met my favorite writer has got me floating high as a kite on cloud nine and I’m all fangirling and giddy and stuff but it really is motivating to hear strong words of experience and advice. I was totally in my car driving home talking into my microphone into my gmail all these notes from my experience. Of course I’m all motivated to write write write…but that is what this whole experience is all about. It gets you back into the group or strengthens your oomph to write more, ‘write harder’ as Chuck says. ‘ART HARDER’ It puts you in the right perspective that you should be in as a writer and for that, these moments make me feel grateful, blessed…and really, it’s just a good ol’ fashioned kick in the ass to get back to it.
  4. It’s just super awesome to meet people who have strived so hard, fought for what they want, and have acquired something that you can relate to. It doesn’t always happen but damn, when you do get to be there, you just feel awesome. You want to go home and write write write because you want to strive and acquire what they have done.
  5. Lastly, the people you meet before and after the event are incredible. I met Josh tonight, and his lovely wifeChelsea who is a major supporter of his art. (We need people like you Chelsea!!!) Josh is a writer and we as writers need to meet other writers. This art we call writing is a solitary life. Book signings are an excellent opportunity to mingle and meet others just like you. People who know the tiresome aspects, the struggles, the hardships of living the writer’s life. You use these events to trade information, gain writing buddies, find beta readers. You meet beautiful people (like Josh) who helps lift you up when you’re on your ass crying and whining and moping around. You motivate each other. I could have stayed longer after the event but I’m good. I met another writer, made a connection, and left with solid goodness! I’m fairly confident the connection was well worth it.

    Damn Grainy Picture!
    Damn Grainy Picture!

The entire experience is so totally worth it. Sure, you might get some hits and misses but you NEED to get out there and connect with others. The pluses of attending these events are just too freaking awesome to not take that chance.

I’d love to hear about some of your experiences at writer’s conferences, book signings, conventions, ect. Let me know what you have to say! Share some stuff…You are not alone!

AUTHORS IN THIS PICTURE: Richard Kadrey   David Wellington    Chuck Wendig

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