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I’ve Been Smacked in the Face By My Muse!

So for three long years my writing partner Will and I worked diligently on co-writing our epic fantasy series. We finished in January with book one. I’ve not been able to touch the dang book (book two) ever since. Oh, I tried. I definitely tried. And we even got a good 25K words in to book two. But, I just wasn’t feeling it. And I could not for the life of me figure out why.

I was feeling so down and out about it, too. I am sure my partner, although being very patient with me, was wanting to strangle me. It was all my fault that we’d come to a stand still in our series. It was affecting every aspect of my creative being. I couldn’t write anything. Not on that series, not on anything. I was blocked!

However, after attending the Imaginarium Convention over the weekend, here in Louisville, I found my Muse. And he smacked me in the face. I finally realized that I couldn’t move forward because my protagonist wasn’t liking where I’d left him. In fact, none of my characters were happy with me. Even my antagonist was screaming at me that I was not seeing the bigger picture. Actually, I had so many of the pieces, talked about them, but was never able to see the picture as one whole. But I finally did today.

And it was grand. OH IT WAS SO GRAND!!!!

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