The Beginning of a Challenge

ten thingsI can’t recall where I saw this particular writing challenge but in my current personal position in my life I felt it necessary and beneficial to partake in this challenge. Allow me to back up a little though. I’m a busy body. I’ve always been one. I don’t necessarily get things done and completed in the fullest but I never lack the ability to find something to do. I’m a mother of three and a wife so they obviously keep my going with many to-do activities. I’m a teacher and so I am constantly working on lesson plans, grading assignments, and always striving to bring out my own personal creativity whenever I can manage it. (It isn’t always easy.) I’m also a writer. I say this with a heavy heart because I know I could be doing so much better, so much more. I should…well, I tell myself I should have a daily writing routine. I have novels I need to write, to edit, to publish, and so on. And yet, I don’t do as much as I feel I could or should be doing.

In the past few months I’ve thought long and hard about going back to school to strive for my Ph.D. Alas, the financial burdens that weigh on me already makes it a terrible decision to do that. And yet, I am a lifelong learner and I need to be doing something. Recently, I found the website Coursera, in which you can take online courses. You can pay for ‘completion and accomplishment’ and I don’t know how reliable or how recognized that it, but it isn’t something I’m interested in doing. Paying for it, I mean. I am, however, interested in free courses. So after signing up for a number of them, and them unenrolling, multiple times mind you, today I finally decided to choose two to work on.

I’ve made a commitment to myself to see both of these courses to the end. And I have another on my watchlist that begins soon. So I will be ‘learning’ in some form and fashion. This pleases my soul. So the two I am currently enrolled and have already began are “A Life of Happiness and Fullfillment” and “Cracking the Creativity Code”. So far, I’ve learned already from both courses and am enjoying the mini videos. I’ve not begun any assignments yet so ask me again in a week how it is working out for me. LOL

Anyway, the whole point of that backstory was that one of my mini activities prompted me to answer seven questions about myself. When I did, I was once again directed towards the fact that I need to be writing more. Like everyday. Ugh…why is it so hard? A month or so ago I found a 30 day writing challenge and took a screenshot of it with my phone. I never did anything with it. Until today. I decided that I will, if I don’t write anything else, complete these small daily writing challenges. I do this with the sole intent on developing a daily writing habit. Habits can be a good thing, yes? At least sometimes. And I strongly feel this habit will be good for me to develop. And so I will begin today. Right now.

Do-more-of-what-makes-you-happy-quote1LIST TEN THINGS THAT MAKE YOU REALLY HAPPY

  1. A clean bedroom. (mine is currently not clean.)
  2. A book that is hard to put down. (Recently I read Ready Player One. Well, I listened to it on It was pretty good in that it made my emotions come alive.)
  3. A book series that becomes a favorite. (The Dark Tower, The Fever Series, Twilight Series, Sword of Truth Series….just to name a few.
  4. The restaurant PIOLOGY. That place makes a killer awesome pizza!
  5. When all my clothes are clean, folded, and hung up.
  6. When Pandora plays multiple rockin’ songs in a row and I don’t have to change my stations.
  7. My Pajamas. (I don’t care what time of day…I love my pajamas.)
  8. Getting just the right haircut. I mean, it’s really hard to get those.
  9. My blankey. It’s just perfect. It’s good in any season.
  10. Speaking of seasons. I love Fall. Fall makes me really happy.

So that is my list. I’d love to hear from you. What is something from your top ten list? Or even better yet, shoot me a link so I can view your own top ten list.


Michala Tyann

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