30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 3


You know, I try my darndest to be forth giving when it comes to the quirks people attach themselves to. I know I have plenty of them myself and so I hope others forgive me for my annoyances, bothersome traits, and what-have-you. Still, there are things that I just can’t find myself able to get past.

  1. People who will say one thing, to my face, and then turn around and say something completely different behind my back. This is the one thing I’ve ALWAYS detested. I mean, honestly, come on. What’s worse are those who do so blatantly, not shy or forgiving in the least.

People who hurt children. The purest, most beautiful thing is a small child. They have wide eyes, open and receiving of everything the world has to offer them. They are curious and grateful and creative and just do not deserve the pain and suffering of the evil that surrounds them. The world inhabits so very many different kinds of monsters and it pains my spirit, breaks my heart, to see such things happen. One of the most heart-shattering things that is beyond forgetting is when you look in the eyes of a child and see the depths of pain and suffering they have experienced.

This may be a controversial subject but I have to be honest. I do not like that the world around us constantly begs us of our money to be given to other countries when we so frequently forgo helping those among us. I’m not saying other countries do not need our assistance, not in the least. What I am saying is that to help others you must be strong and ready-abled to help others, you must be strong first. Our country is crumbling around the edges, being torn from the inside-out. Numerous people, numbers that astound me, remain starving, homeless, incapable of receiving the basic needs for survival…and still we pledge our allegiance, our money, our attention to everyone but these people. Schools require money, veterans require services, our military’s family live on so little because of misdirection of funding, services, and assistance. For us to help our neighbors stand, should we not first be able to stand on our own?

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