Book Review: The Three

the threeThe Three

By Sarah Lotz

One of my favorite authors suggested this book during a book signing event I attended. The premise, as they told the audience, sounded highly creative and definitely something I’d not read before. I didn’t go right out and get this book however I did jot the name of the book and author in my notes on my phone for a rainy day.

When that rainy day came I went ahead and downloaded the book via I don’t know what exactly it was about this book that caused me to not like it so much. Perhaps it was a variety of things. The way the book was told (or written) didn’t capture my appeal. I would have preferred a completely different version. It didn’t feel like a story to me.

The way it jumped around from one person’s account to another made my brain hurt. I sarah lotzkept wondering when the ‘real story’ was going to break out and draw me in. I really tried to like this book. I made it to chapter 53 of 80. I’m not sure if the book is broken down that way but you can clearly see I didn’t just give up after a couple chapters. I tried to go all in.

I just couldn’t give it anymore of my time. It moved way too slow, was too boring for me. It just wasn’t my type of novel. Having read some other personal reviews (after writing my own review) I’m not sorry for leaving it.

My Score: 2/10

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