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A New Beginning…

startTwo years ago, I left my position as a substance abuse counselor. (   ) I moved to teaching…middle and high schoolers: and boy oh boy! Was that first year a learning experience!!!! But I returned and the second year came so much easier. It helped that I was teaching things I really enjoyed. I had the chance to teach Music class, and I chose to teach about modern day music. We had loads of fun listening to Elvis, The Beatles, and even Nirvana! (and so many other awesome bands.)  I got to teach English to 9th and 10th graders, and I loved it. Government is and never was my favorite subject in school, however I took a hands on approach and the students seemed to enjoy it. Yearbook was definitely a trial of sorts. 

I enjoy my role as a teacher. And yet, I was constantly feeling a big empty space in my life. After much contemplating, I started to dip my toes in the waters again. What came my way was NOT what I was expecting. I waited for months for a position to come open in my city, but nothing was happening. The company asked me if I would be up to relocating and I, of course, said no. I can’t up and move my entire family. My husband has a job and business he won’t leave, and my oldest is in an excellent magnet program in which she gets to graduate high school with her associates degree! There’s no way!

aaaAnd then…the company mentioned it again, after a few more months. I don’t know exactly why that bug landed in my ear this time, but it did. And this week, I signed the lease to my new apartment. It’s an hour away from my home and family. YIKES!

So, what is my new job? I’ll be a in-home crisis counselor for families dealing with various problems including substance abuse, problematic behaviors, scholastic issues, and probably anything and everything else.

It will definitely be a hard job, emotionally, mentally, and physically. I’ll be on-call 24/7 at times during the week, meaning I’ll have to drop what I’m doing and go counsel. I’ll be away from my family for long periods of time, too.bbb

I couldn’t turn down the opportunity though. The job is going to help me get my clinical supervision hours so I can get my license so I’ll be a Licensed Professional Counselor. That’s been my goal since beginning graduate school and my current role as a teacher is not getting me closer to my goal.

cccSometimes, we have to take a step, in faith, even though we are scared. I look forward to learning and strengthening my skills as a counselor. I even look forward to the long days and stressful events. I look forward to it because I know, no matter how trying it may be, I’m working towards my goal.

And so, today I scheduled my gas and electric to be turned on, I texted one of my new neighbors, and I am growing nervous, excited, and so much more.  I was blessed to find a great little place downtown. I have a great landlord, too. I’m looking towards seeing what will come of all this…this new beginning.

My last day as a teacher at my current job, which I will miss dearly because everybody there is super awesome, will be April 1st. My spring break will be spent in training, in Nashville for four days. Then I’m off to my new city, my new job, and my new apartment. Did I mention…I’ve never in my life lived alone! I’m 36, almost 37, and for the first time in my life…yeah, a bit nervous.


Michala Tyann

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