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Qualifying Moments

qualifiedI had to take an hour’s leave from work today so I could go get fingerprinted. I just received an email letting me know I am qualified.

One of the definitions of qualified is: officially recognized as being trained to perform a particular job; certified.

I don’t know about you, but whenever anyone lays down a compliment of that sort…you just feel good about yourself. I went through almost seven years of school, accrued lots of debt, and evenReady-yes-no though I was very, very blessed to have had the opportunity to work in the fields I have recently been in, I am sooooo ready to be a professional counselor and work with people in which I’ve been ‘edu-ma-cated’ for.     🙂 🙂

One step closer and seventeen more days until training.


I have to return to my chiropractor this evening to see my x-rays. Ugh. I know today’s pain, even though it is not the worst of the worst and I’m walking and breathing and extremely blessed, I hurt.


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