Four Years…

I’ve been blogging this site for four years now. I can’t say if it is a popular site though I feel I get a decent amount of stop and views here and there. Of course it could be better if I applied myself more. I was laying in bed just now, before coming here, and thought about the park I normally go to, to write. I had the sudden realization that I don’t even bother to put my butt into a place to write anymore. I want to write, or at least a part of me wants it. But you have to park yourself somewhere on a regular basis to actually get any writing done. So my failure comes with the parking. If I did that, I do believe I would see some success.

In other news, my editor is one third of the way done.

In other news…being cryptic but feeling the need to get some emotions out…if she were mine, I’d be there right now.

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