What’s an girl to do?

Getting ideas for writing/painting/composing/creating is a common issue for artists all over. Other times is being blocked. But what if the desire to create disappears? Where does one go from there? I’ve been thinking a myriad of thoughts. Sure I should be writing daily according to some. It’s been over two years and I’ve not created anything new. I sometimes think, “man, I think I want to write something again.” But I don’t. I feel like the ocean of ideas are gone. The passion to create is missing.

It could just be my new profession. I work a lot, and long hours as a family intervention specialist providing therapy for kids and families. But I don’t feel that’s the correct excuse. I worked full time, went to school full time, and raised a family full time and still managed to write multiple books.

Another part of me feels like as my mind and body changes as I get older, my desires and passions also are changing. And there has been a lot of changes. I just don’t know. I’m open to others thoughts and opinions and experiences.

Do I want to write? I think so. Maybe. (Shrugs) Dunno.

I still love to read and maybe I should go back to reviewing books. Time is short and I know I can’t dedicate my time to doing a whole lot. But I want to do something. It’s frustrating, that’s for damn sure.

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