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Haunted Hotel, Louisville KY

Haunted Hotel, Louisville, KY

“Welcome Home.” That’s what the concierge promised upon entering the
Haunted Hotel. That was spokem ominously right before he led us into
the elevator from Hell. Kevin Stich, Owner of Haunted Hotel, as well
as all his staff, set the stage for an adventure that gets tweaked and,
if you can believe it, perfected with each new season!

Enter the elevator at your own risk! Darkness in your face, but there’s MORE!
Shake, rattle, and scream as you witness through aggressive actors who are super
scary and totally nerve-wracking fun! It seems like everything is closing in on
you. A great lead up to a scary ride through this haunted hotel. (I loved the new

Be careful. You will likely get touched, poked, prodded, licked, sprayed, and even
electrocuted! I screamed so many times! I found myself searching for moments to
take a few breaths before having my senses heightened all over again. Things WILL most
definitly go boom in the dark! Monsters jump out, follow you, get full on in your face,
grab your head, and every little thing is nail-biting, intense, awesomeness!Did I mention that this season was absolutely tremendous? The extreme props never let
you down. The strobe lights and fog machines force you to stumble and hesitate to
take that next step. Because you just KNOW that something is waiting for you.
Whether you are the first, middle, or last in your group…there’s something for
every single one of you! The engineered scare tactics worked perfectly with the sounds
and music building up to the next heart-pounding rush of adrenaline as you scramble
to escape each room…wondering what the next one has in store for you. The all original
costumes and masks were spectacular. Don’t expect to see anything cliche or on-screen
horror crap in the Haunted Hotel.

I appreciated that there were no long walks of silent boring blah that you will
sometimes encounter with hauntings. Nope. You won’t find that hear. You’re lucky if you
are given enough time in between scenes to catch your breath, wipe your tears, and think “What the hell am I doing here?” Simply enough seconds to build up the anticipation and make sure you have the shirt of the person in front of you clenched in between your shaking fingers.

One memorable character I’d like to call out is Cece. She was both cute and monstrous
to the point that I didn’t know if I wanted to cuddle her or kill her…before she could
end me. And can I just say…those freaking chainsaws! I learned something during this
haunt. If you cover your face, it doesn’t make them go away. No. It only encourages them
to give you more. They desire your fear! They will lick it up. And if that’s not enough,
they will buddy up with another chainsaw chasing terror. Teaming up against you to drain every bit of your fear and tears. Your worst nightmare is their greatest desire.

Some things were similar to previous seasons; the good things. The scenes that stand the
test of time. The changes this season only enhanced the entire experience for me and I
would, without a doubt, say that this was the best I’ve encountered compared to previous
years. I commend Kevin, his extreme characters, horrific scenery and props, and sinister
scaring was truly a remarkable adventure. A lot of hard work goes into creating and
making it all work. Showmanship was at 100% throttle. I ran my ass off and screamed
a good number of times. It was totally lit.

The theme of Haunted Hotel is every worst possible nightmare one could
ever hope to encounter in a grungy, nasty, horror-filled hotel. And this
season was one of the best, in my opinion.

5 out of 5 Stars for this multi-award winning haunt!

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