5 Reasons I’ll Never Bullet Journal

My soon to be eighteen year old daughter sorta is in to this. Not over the top, but enough that sometimes she makes me consider trying it. Then I wake up and snap back to reality. There’s absolutely no way I’d ever get into this crazy, hip activity. Here are my reasons why:

1. My handwriting would never be acceptable. For me or anyone else. It’s messy. And so so far away from journal stylish.

2. I adore journaling and even have plenty of blank ones ready and waiting. But what happens when I fill them all in and then need to find something. It’s not like I can go to the google bar and search for a random word and find out that I can read it in journal 31, page 94. Digital life is the way for me.

3. I like to write/type fast. Bullet journals mean slow and steady wins the race. Not this girl.

4. What happens when my goal list or to do list needs to be reorganized and renumbered for importance. #7 should now go to #3 spot!!!! I can’t edit it. I have to draw it all over again!!! No thanks 😒

5. My stress level can’t take this style of journaling. I need to feel free, open to make a mess, think crazy and be unable to read some thoughts. With bullet journals…can we say strait jackets?

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