And then she says…

Good evening beautiful creators! Was your day productive? Mine was, kinda…sorta. I was lazy for certain parts of the day. But I work six days a week so mondays are my let’s play catch up on all the sleep you miss out on day.

Did you know Will & Grace is on Hulu? All 8 seasons? Ya-hoo!!

When my kiddos got home from school, I realized they would like… need to consume nourishment for their body. This meant I had to make some decisions. Do I cook, order food, or drive out? We decided Skyline Chili. The hubby met us there since he was getting out of work.

On my way home, my oldest (who will be turning 18 in like three days!!!!) rode home with me. On the ride home my watch shows me an email from NaNoWriMo saying my story is calling me. Emma asked me what I intended on doing.

And then she says… I should participate in this years challenge to prove to myself that I still got it.

I think she may be right. She be one smart cookie.

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