Over and over…

Before I go to bed this evening, I was browsing some podcasts and I settled on one in which the speaker was giving her life’s lessons on creativity and keeping it alive. Listening to her while in the shower (cuz water breeds inspiration) I began thinking, “what do I want to say?” Really, as a creator… aren’t we all using our voices, whether nonverbal or verbal, to share something with the world?

I think that’s my issue. I don’t believe I have anything I feel I need to say. Error!!!! I know that can’t be true. That is my negativity speaking so don’t listen to it.

So tonight, I’ll fall asleep thinking about what I have to say.

But lastly, I’d like to say, I was stung once again with a suggestion for all creators alike… over and over I hear and read the same thing. You must create daily, have a regular schedule, a routine. I know I need to do this.

Good night beautiful creators!

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