Getting to know Karolina Delorn

Surprise! I have a new character in mind. And a new story in the works.

Karolina is a psychic who consults with her local police department.

She wasn’t always psychic though and that little story is soon to come. She lives in a Maine and dreams of going to Australia. (She loves koalas!) She loves her work and doesn’t care who criticizes her gift. She’s not one to hold seances and talk to the dead, but she does have a best friend who dwells in the spirit world. Well, best friend might be going a little too far because she doesn’t exactly talk to her because the spirit can’t talk to her. But she has plenty to say; Karolina just has to figure out what that is exactly.

Anyway, she’s about to go on vacation, her first ever… she needs to get away for a while…specifically from Erik, one of the police detectives she works with sometimes. Why? Well, you’ll have to wait to find out.

I’m excited to share more!!!

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