karolina Delorn

From the Journals of Karolina Delorn 7/21/2011

I’m in so much pain. I still can’t feel my legs. At least I can still write. Jack called me today. He actually attempted to apologize to me. I don’t give a shit. Who does he think he is! Cheat on me and then think I can just forgive and forget. ​I suppose he thinks that just because I’m paralyzed that he can walk all over me? I don’t need a lying, cheating scumbag in my life! The car wreck was just another eye opening moment in my world. The fact that I told him I wanted a divorce on the same day doesn’t mean ‘jack’ shit. He thinks he can manipulate my emotions. My legs don’t work asshat; my brain works just fine. (blessedly) I told the nurses to add him to the no fly list. I don’t want him anywhere near me.
On a more personal note…as if it could be any more personal
I’m meeting my new physical therapist tomorrow. Whoopee! I’m so depressed. I wish my mom and dad were around. The aide brought me a few magazines and books to help me pass the time. I think I’ll begin Gone with the Wind. Check that off my bucket list.
Le Sigh.

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