Finding words to describe myself isn’t entirely difficult. Finding a single word that describes my personality is a little more complicated.

Many years ago I had a therapist who told me that I was too busy. I didn’t know how to just stop going and to be present; in the moment. I’d have to say I’m exactly the same today. I thrive on staying busy. By moving nonstop, I don’t have time to dwell on things too much or too deep. I like that fact.

Thoughts are like weeds. They come up and where one is, you’ll find many more springing up nearby. I don’t have time to pluck the weeds, or thoughts I don’t want to deal with. I don’t want to find time for doing so either. I’d much rather stay busy and focus on getting things done.

I don’t try to multitask too often anymore. I found I did less when I tried doing that. I would rather focus on one thing and complete it and move on.

So why am I a busybody? If I were to be honest, and I do try my best to be honest with myself…it’s probably because if I slow down, I fear depression will settle in. I battled depression for so long, and still do to some small degree, that I figure if I can just keep moving the depression won’t overtake me.

I’m sure in some manner this isn’t a healthy thing. But being depressed isn’t exactly healthy either, is it? So if I were to brand myself and find one single word that fits my personality… busy.

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