Ask Me…What’s on page 23?

If I were turn to page 23 and read you the first full paragraph from the book I am currently reading, what would I read?11559200Still no news from Roanoke?” Henry inquired gently, handing Walter a cup of thick, brown ale. My stomach lurched at the mention of Raleigh’s doomed venture in the New World. It was the first time anyone had wondered aloud about the outcome of a future event, but it would not be the last.

I am currently reading book two of the All Souls series. I normally don’t get into historical fiction, nor do I really take well to novels including witches. I went to Half Price Books a couple of weeks ago and just grabbed a book that looked cool and went with it. Unfortunately, I picked up the third book in the series. So I read up a bit on the series, considered it worth trying out, and went onto Amazon and purchased the first book for my Kindle. I liked it well enough, obviously, as I am now reading book two. The book follows Diana Bishop, a historian who comes from a family of witches and her journeys with the Vampire Matthew Clairmont. They travel back in time to the 16th century in order to find the secrets of an ancient manuscript and to find secrets that prevent Diana from using her magic to the fullest. The author has done a pretty good job at holding my interest, although I’ll be honest…I’ve skipped over some of the historical details because at times, it’s just too much for me. Slow to action but still a good read.


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