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Looking Back

2017. Cripes, what a year! I’ve had some good parts through the year, but it’s definitely been a hard year for me. I read a lot of books this year which was super awesomesauce including my ultra favorite book series by Karen Marie Moning, Fever Series. Her book Feversong came out in January 2017 so my year started off rockin’. I totally enjoyed the new Beauty and the Beast film. I considered going back to school but opted not to, at least not just yet. I felt like my writing was starting off pretty rad in January because I had some huge writing spurts but never stuck with anything. And I definitely tried a variety of things to help. I also started watching Supernatural. I’d tried before and it didn’t stick, but this time around I enjoyed it immensely. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any of my family into it so I had to watch it all alone. Also learned that Peter Capaldi wouldn’t be coming back for another season of Doctor Who and had mixed feeling about it.

In February, I watched the Superbowl alone because my family all went to bed. Felt some great moments as a professional counselor but was constantly reminded how hard the field can be. Reread IT by Stephen King this month, too! Also did a Star Wars Marathon with my husband this month.

During March, I realized somehow, I’d grown into a morning person. (That didn’t last for me though!) I always struggle to get to sleep. I reread the Archie Sheridan and Gretchen Lowell Series by Chelsea Cain. Great series! By this month, I’d listened to 73 audio books since the previous March. I do a lot of driving for my job and is my best friend while driving. Enrolled into the gym (again.) Celebrated my 18th anniversary with my husband! I also finally got to move to an office closer to home which made for drastic improvements in all aspects of my world. And had family move in…

April entered with a great bang. My first vacation ever with the family. We drove to Florida and stayed for nearly two weeks. It was the best! I also grew closer with my children. Watched my first cricket game, saw the beach, caught some fish, and saw some gators. To make the month even better, my two girls and I got to go see Panic at the Disco in concert!!!! And to end an awesome month, we adopted our new doggy Susannah Winter (mostly goes by Susie) And she’s still pretty damn awesome! Spent my birthday with family and felt blessed. Best month of 2017 for sure!!!!

May was a busy month for me at work as I’d gotten a whole new set of clients and was still adjusting to the new office environment and coworkers. I did make time to go out to eat with friends. My family made Mother’s Day very beautiful for me. I applied for a promotion but didn’t get it. (But that was okay.) Began removing wallpaper in our house with the intention of moving. (That still hasn’t happened.) My son graduated from middle school with honors. My oldest daughter forged ahead from 11th grade to her final year of high school. And my youngest finished up elementary school. Wow, how time flies and kids grow. Learned that my brother-in-law proposed and they asked my oldest to be part of their big day. And my youngest started to draw more and post her pics online. She’s so talented!

June was a month for going out. LOL. Alone and with family. And for kicking off the summer with some lazy fun filled days by the pool. Visited Churchill Downs with friends and family. Dinner with old friends. Dinner with new friends.

July was all about the sleepovers for my kids. And huge ass tents in the family room. Attack of insomnia for a lot of the month for me, but was able to get some more reading done. My two youngest got an outsiders taste of what fandomfest was like when we visited the mall and saw a lot of really awesome cosplay outfits. Without going into detail…this was one of the worst months of my life.

During August I  Reread Ready Player One this month. If you haven’t read it, you’re missing out. Oh and I got to see The Dark Tower film. 😦 That’s all I’ll say on that matter. My children began school. Need I say more on that?? Still trying to recuperate from last month.

September brought with it a movie remake of IT by Stephen King. It was fan-freakin-tastic!!! My young man had his first high school orchestra recital and a momma couldn’t be more proud. Eagerly looking forward to October Haunts! My baby girl turned 12 this month!

October brought a few haunt reviews. Fun, but due to busy life, we just couldn’t fit more in like we’d have liked to. Working weekends at a hotel kind of messes with your schedule when all the haunts are at night and you gotta clock in by 11pm. MY BABY TURNED 18 THIS MONTH. WOW!!!! Felt like I was getting somewhere with my writing with a new character in mind. Fizzled out though. Or no, not really. Just wasn’t feeling the writing work.  Since my girl is 18, she can go play BINGO with me now. And we did! My baby girl also began getting her college acceptance letters in the mail this month.

November came and went so fast. My son’s bowling league began. His Jr ROTC keeps him busy as well. CHILI weather has begun. MMMmmmmm I made a giant pot of chili and it was gone within two days. Emma accepted her college choice and will be moving away next year. 6 hours away….far far away from me. I’m sad but oh so proud.  Oh, and a full academic scholarship too. Read some more books this month. Actually, this month I read more books than the entire year put together.

And finally, December. Another year cancer free for me. Still waiting on some lab work though. I hate to hear what my doctor is gonna say about my cholesterol, sugar, and all that. Ugh. Vacation for me again. I’m actually on it right now, (except I still have to work the hotel on weekends). It’s been a rough go for the family this month, especially my husband.  My little man turned 15!!!

Cooked for 6 hours yesterday, then clocked in at the hotel. I get off at 7am…only to go home and start cooking again. But it’s worth it. Gonna have friends and family over. (And my daughter is introducing her boyfriend to the family.)  I just want to enjoy my time with the family and see myself into 2018 feeling blessed and knowing that the changes I set forth will help me make it a better year. My next post will dive deeper into what some of those changes are.

*I purposely left out political drama as I feel we have all received our fair share.


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