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What I….Saw

We each experience things that change us.

Moments that teach us. Force growth. Alter our beings and we are forever different than the previous moment.

Today it was a simple little event. My first child, now almost 19, about to graduate, went to prom. But that is not what I’m going to share about today.

No. I’m going to share about the crazy things you’ll do, the length and depths for your children. It sounds silly but I wanted the event to be special, you know? Yes, I realize that there are millions who never even get to go to school much less prom. I’m not in the least bit ignorant of the many blessings I have in my life. Having said that, allow me to make you laugh, or cringe, depending on the type of person you are.

I took Ems to the mall to get her eyebrows done, makeup and shoes purchased, and lastly, her nails. Now, mind you, prom wasn’t until the next day and I warned her to be extra careful. Everything went great. Nails done. Driving Home.

When we pulled into the neighborhood, low and behold, our 1 year old dog Susie somehow got loose and was running all over the road, holding up traffic, and was surely going to get herself killed in a matter of seconds. Ems jumped out of the car and finally caught her, dragged her excited wagging tail butt home. I had to dash of to go to work. Not five minutes away, Ems called me. The dog had destroyed two of her newly painted manicured nails. OMG!

My husband loves our daughter. I doubt he would have taken her back to the mall, however, to get

Image result for father hero

her nails fixed. But I called him, and he did it. He loves us all so much, he loves me so much, that he, who had worked from 4:30am and it was now 7pm, and he was just pulling into the driveway after picking up dinner for the kids, drove her all the way back and got her nails fixed.

I tell him all the time, but I’ll say it again…He is my Hero. He truly is. Not for taking our daughter to get her nails fixed. He’s is my hero because, he always puts us first, and does everything he can to provide, and more importantly, to see that we are happy.

Just throwing that out there to the world. 🙂


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