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Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble by H.P. Mallory Book Review

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble

by H.P. MalloryImage result for fire burn and cauldron bubble

It all started with an innocent download onto my Kindle Fire. I didn’t even have to pay for the first book in her Jolie Wilkins Series. But of course…isn’t that how addictions are created? Ha! So I must admit this first novel is either a big hit or a big miss and you either love or hate it. For those who love it…the books keep getting better. (But I must stay on book one.)

If you keep up with the site I had opened the book as a FIRST & LAST experience in which I reviewed the first and last sentences. Even in my orginal review I was eager to propel myself into the story. I wasn’t disappointed in the least.

The Story

Jolie is your basic run of the mill tarot card reader and psychic. She operates her business with her best friend and she isn’t making mad money with her skills but she does know that her skills are real. And oh how real they are!

Enter Rand. Business man/hottie. This is important as Jolie hasn’t had a love life in a long time. It’s just her and her cat, Plum. (cute name-but that’s my favorite nail polish color so maybe I’m biased.) Back to Rand Balfour. He is a warlock who comes in with a simple request. Help him solve the mystery of a death. For the money he is offering, she willingly travels across the oceans (with her bestie) and ends up bringing the man back from the dead.

Rand explains that her powers are way stronger than she realizes and the truth…Jolie is a witch.

She tries to go back to her normal life but by now all the underworld has learned of her amazing abilities to reanimate the dead. She has no choice but to go under Rand’s protective custody because she becomes the most wanted woman in all the world.

The characters are for the most part pretty decent. There are some unnatural hotties and there is bound to be one or two you can sink your claws into as you read the story.

As I said…this is a hit or miss. For me, it was an awesome hit. And I don’t understand exactly why that it. It isn’t that the characters or story are all that amazing. Sure it has some heated moments but I’ve read way hotter. Mallory just drew me in. Honestly…I went straight into book two AND I’m already reading book three.

My VERDICT: 10/10

I’m sure there are things I could fault her for but for an author to draw me in hopelessly deep into the next two books (within a two day turnaround!) I’d say it is totally worth a perfect score.

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