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It Started With a Click by Estelle Wilkinson Book Review

It Started With a Click by Estelle Wilkinson

With the emergence of the internet came amazing connections of people.“It Started With a Click” is another extremely romantic, comedic, and realistic showing of how it feels step by step to bond with someone you’ve never met…over the internet.

In this sweet and convincing account Catherine and Damien meet when she decides to purchase some tickets to a rugby game and subsequently begins a conversation with the seller. This book provides a fascinating look at the behaviors, emotions, and antics on how we communicate and develop something from a friendly chat into an intense and deeply moving relationship.

I was instantly hooked by the preface alone. The author promptly draws you in, shows you how ‘real’ this all is. The relationship and its desirable bond of the two main characters is read via emails and instant messages. Don’t be fooled by the supposedly mundane tête-à-têtes; instead see it for what it is really is…what you yourself experience when beginning a relationship. Sometimes…instant connections don’t always start with a bang…but I promise…there are quite a few bangs in the book.

I really appreciated this book in an entertaining manner but also in a psychological approach. (Sorry, it’s the therapist in me). I opened the book…and dived right in. I had been reading only a few seconds (or so it felt) when I realized I was already on chapter 3. This happened throughout the entire book.

I can totally relate to the writer…how she could get so completely pulled into Damien’s words. He had me blushing and flushed at moments and it was so easy to fall for his quirky antics I had to momentarily look over and kiss my husband to remind me of where I was.

Another thing I really liked about this book was how I kept applying my own previous relationships to how this one was going. I actually had to stop reading for a time and say…”You go girl!” at certain parts and flush because I was amazed at her braveness here and her shyness there. I can’t write more otherwise I’d give something away…and you know me…no spoilers allowed!

My verdict: 8/10

I would totally have given this novel a 9 or 10 if the author had included more sidebar comments. I loved reading how she felt…but the small snippets of how she felt, what her thoughts were, and so on…it just wasn’t enough. Left me wanting for more….which is good…and bad. LOL (Imagine me stomping my feet and screaming…more! I want more!) Yup just what I did. But guess what folks? More is coming. Watch out for book 2!



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