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 The Earth Shifter by Lada Ray Book Review

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With Ingredients such as deeply rooted cultures, paranormal abilities, and fantasy tinged with Sci-fi I find it hard for any avid reader NOT to enjoy such a book as The Earth Shifter!

The author opens up her novel in 1908 in which two very important men are discussing within the walls of the Vatican the coming of the prophetic ‘Key’ which is the only saving grace for the failing civilizations that thrive on our planet, Earth. A certain comet is set on its course: destination Earth and it is up to some very important beings in deciding whether they will allow the comet to continue its course or not.

Then we are thrown into modern day Russia where we meet the protagonist, Sasha. She is a young girl with some amazing powers…far more amazing than her parents, her protectors even realize. Sasha is a shifter, capable of some pretty fantastic abilities. I’d love to tell you but that would be spoiling some of the fun. (No Spoilers!) Over the course of her story, Sasha is thrust into horrible tribulations in which she must not only overcome but learn from as well.

With dangerous characters within both governmental organizations and those that do not work for the government circling her life from a distance…though growing ever closer, Sasha loses people near and dear to her and finds herself feeling almost completely alone. Thank goodness for her mentor, Tengis who is a character worth reading the book for all by itself. I can totally see some standalone novels being written on this character Tengis. LOL

Lada writes a hypnotizing novel which moves with deeply ingrained subplots. It’s a strong-paced novel that serves up juicy portions of a storyline you will be begging to finish reading. It’s a book that is hard to put down. While Sasha is growing and learning about herself as well as understanding who and what the Key is…because it is more complex than you can imagine…the readers is absolved from their typical daily duties because the next page must be turned…MUST BE…

And just when you think you know all the essentials, Lada interrupts your story with an added element, perfectly knitted into the world of Sasha and the Key. I wouldn’t hold this novel to being just a YA trilogy because it is perfectly suited for the adults as well. The complexities make it perfect for a long sitting in your most comfortable chair with a hot cup of cocoa (or whatever you design) and enjoy the ride.

Most all of characters were easy to grab onto and hold close. I was pained to not read more of the twins but I know that Lada Ray has destined their stories to be shared in book two. While there may come a few points in the novel that you might have to force yourself through because of the deep and enriching history and culture, slow down…absorb it because each page is delicious and worth the time. I haven’t seen a tale so intrinsically rooted in the pages of a novel in a long time. Lada Ray has apparently had an incredible time enjoying the tapestry of art she has plaited together.

Final Verdict: 10/10

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