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Falling Star by CJ Wright Book Review

Falling Star by CJ WrightImage result for Falling Star by CJ Wright

Meet Katie Jenkins. She, like many girls, has issues with self-confidence, wonders when a boy will look twice at her, and has a mom who works too much. But she’s different than most. She is special; at least according to her grandmother who passed away two years ago. Why, you ask? How, you wonder?

When her grandmother was alive she and Katie fooled around with tarot cards and eventually she learned how to read them herself.

“You have a gift,” her grandmother would reassure her. “There is something about you that is special, don’t be afraid of it, grasp it, relish in it.”

When her grandmother died, Katie had a remarkably weird experience. One she put behind her and never looked back at.

And then she meets Star: an odd young girl who has run away from her abusive stepfather and mom. She is scared, homeless, and claims someone is following her. Someone she calls the ‘dark man’.  When Katie takes her under her wing she learns much more truth than she’d bargained for. And she experiences more weird stuff than she’s ready for. Katie is not one to back down and she isn’t going to let the ‘dark man’ get her new friend. In fact, she’ll do whatever she must to prevent it.

Author CJ Wright has written a darkly moving tale. The novel is a fast read and will have you chewing on your nails as you wonder just what is going to happen. The characters have very real issues mingled with a sense of the supernatural. I found myself in a bit of a culture shock at times and had to acquaint myself at times with the background of the writer. For example…I don’t eat ‘chips’ with forks. It was entertaining for me however to dip my fingers into other parts of the world. Haha.  I found at times I was surprised and other times I had guessed right about things. It definitely reminded me of one of my favorite movies but unfortunately if I told you that…I would be spoiling the story…and you know me…no spoilers!

I liked how the story shared bits an pieces of the things I’ve come to enjoy and love reading about while at the same time mingling my way through some new stuff. I was totally engrossed in this book and feel it would be well-liked by the Young Adults because the way the author related to that age is fitting.

The story was indeed creative taking a twist of some of the creepy crawlies we love to read and watch while having a unique spin. The author definitely owned this novel and made it their own.

My Verdict: 8.5/10

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