It’s Nothing Personal Book Review

It’s Nothing Personal by Kay O’Reilley

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I’ve never been much of a medical drama/thriller kind of person to be honest. I’ve tried my best to get into these books but the genre just…or the writer behind the book has just never been able to grab me and hook me long enough to stick through the entire novel. Until now. OMGosh…First, the cover caught my eye and truthfully, everybody else’s eyes around me. Even my husband who doesn’t care much for reading said he wanted to read this book based on seeing the cover. LOL. 

I opened the book, with a little bit of hesitation and doubt because I knew the medical aspects of it might bore me or turn me off. Little did I realize that this book was a loaded gun in my hands! From the moment I turned the first page, it was lock, stock, and barrel for me. I couldn’t put the book down!!!

And it wasn’t just the beautifully poignantly characters such as Jenna Reiner, her lawyers, or her own husband and daughter that made for such a remarkable ride. The storyline is brilliant, becoming ingrained inside you and refusing to let you walk away from it until the very last page.

And I love love love books where I think I know how it’s going to end and the author carries away all likely conclusions and BANG…surprise….you never saw THAT ONE coming! Yep, O’Reilley did it…and exquisitely.

Jenna Reiner, the main character, who has all these pressing issues coming at her thanks to the irrevocable decisions of a scrub tech she barely knew, and was hesitant over in the first place. Now her entire life is in chaos, she’s thrown into some pretty traumatic emotional wreckage and comes very close to losing it completely many times throughout the book. At times, she even does lose it. And the writer made it all so astoundingly real!

I worried about how I would feel reading this book. How I would feel with the medical background, how the boring lawyer stuff and court stuff would tangle my dread and dullness of the story. There was never anything to worry about though. The book carries the reader from the opening to the ending splendidly. The way the corrupt legal system, and the brutal way she is treated, to the choices she makes and why…it all comes down to a story that is one you really can’t afford to miss.

My Verdict: 11/10   (I’ve never before done that!!!)

Based on Dr. Sherry Gorman’s real-life, high profile medical malpractice suit, this novel will take you on an emotional ride that starts in the operating room and ends in the courtroom.

“If you enjoy books in the medical fiction genre, skip the predictable thrillers by authors who make their female characters one-dimensional stereotypes and enjoy a story rooted in reality with a likable protagonist. I would recommend it and can’t wait for this author’s next book.” — Denise Crawford, An Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer.


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