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An Abduction Revelation Book Review

An Abduction Revelation

by Thomas Hay

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I must admit I struggled a bit over this book. I didn’t struggle with reading it. Reading it was easy as the author made the story relatable to people, often times reminiscing about his past as he built his way to the meat of the story. Consider it an appetizer portion to the main course. LOL No, what I struggled with was whether the writer intended to make this a ‘real’ memoir, such as creative nonfiction-ish or whether it was all meant to be an attractive fantasy/sci-fi imaginative tale.


The reason why I say this is because the story is so very ‘real’ in the sense of his backstory. I could completely close my eyes and conjure up the scenery and the things he was speaking about. These memoirs are truly very realistic to a point and then you sorta start wading through the murkiness of what is fact and what is fiction. THIS is the true appeal of the entire novel. You’ve been reading so much that sounds real that when the writer throws you a curve ball you have to blink, stand back, and say…is that for real? This was the genius part to the book.

See, the author penned his memoirs and then he seemingly unearthed memories buried deep within his subconscious. He can’t be sure…but he has to trust his mind…and all those memories, but it’s difficult because his memories are telling him he’s been abducted by aliens. Whoa? What? Yeah…really, an alien abduction is sifting through his inner workers and is resurfacing.

Reading through his ‘growing up’ stage in Missouri seems like it’s simply a memoir and nothing but….but it’s really much more. There is reasoning and while you are pondering through his life…and recollecting pieces of your own, the author is setting up for the bigger stage. I can’t tell you exactly how the story takes a wide turn and begins the eccentric and bizarre road that includes aliens, time travel, and more. (Remember, I don’t do spoilers!)

I suggest you set time away and read it as much as you can during one book reading. If you space the readings out you are likely to lose connection with the importance of the smaller plots and how they arrive to the real storyline. Take it on vacation with you, or on that long car ride you have, or the next time you have two or three days off in a roll. Dedicate yourself to it because if and when you do, you’re in for a very unique ride of your life. You’ll be left wanting to explore parts of your own life, search for parts and places around the world, and you’ll be challenged by the question…was this real?

My Verdict: 8.5/10

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