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Coming Home Book Review

Coming Home (Jackson Falls #1) Image result for Coming Home (Jackson Falls #1)

 by Laurie Breton

There are some books that are just so easy to put down and get back to life’s chores, work, my own writing, and all the other fuss. This was most definitely not one of those books. From the moment I turned to the first page I was totally and wholly and irrationally absorbed into Danny and Casey and Rob. The story was wrote with such detail and such emotion I can’t help but again express my fondness for the story. An entire lifetime in in the pages of this book; from the moment Casey made the decision that forever set her on a course of living a life as a rock star’s wife to that moment when she finally gave in to the horrible truth of what her life had become.

The writer really knows how to tug at one’s emotions as she told of how the three lives were intertwined and how of the complicated decisions they make, often sacrificing their own happiness for their love of another. It was easy to forget this was just a story and much better than sitting in a movie theater. The characters were 3D…coming off the page and making incredible marks on my heart.

I haven’t read of many books where there is a rock star character but it was entertaining to say the least. Nowhere could I pull and pick at the story, nowhere could I find anything negative to say about it. This is good and bad. Good because, well, hell…having a sensational book in your hands is always GREAT. Bad…in that I just can’t convince myself to read the other books in the series. I refuse to take the chance that the next stories will be anything less than perfect as this book was. I know, I’m odd like that. Sometimes one just has to be content with that gift they were given and remain satisfied in its perfect.

My personal verdict: 10/10


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