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Covid Weddings: My Experience

I realize many people have had to cancel, postpone, and downsize their weddings during this time of Covid. I’m so fortunate that we didn’t have to cancel or postpone my daughter’s wedding. We did have to downsize it. What that meant was many of our loved ones were unable to be present. Some may wonder why we didn’t just postpone until life became normal again, everyone could travel, and be present. In my previous post, I spoke about reaching out for the glimmers, the highs during all the lows, and reaching out, and fighting for goodness in life while we suffer. That is why we didn’t postpone. We absolutely needed some light and goodness in our life. And what better way than with a wedding, a new life journey between two people who love each other!

With Emily and Antonio living three hours away, it was up to me to pull everything together. Totally not an easy or simple thing. I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. I would sit in Barnes & Nobles and read books on wedding planning. I would search the internet until the wee hours of the morning. I would Pinterest until I could Pinterest no more! I even Etsy’ed. LOL, I finally realized I couldn’t do this all on my own.

Now, let me backtrack for just a moment. I had been saving for our family vacation for the past three years. Every single extra penny I could find, every Starbucks Refresher not ordered, everything went towards our vacation fund. Our last vacation was canceled due to it being THE month. You know, that MARCH? The one in which everything was shut down. Yeah, that month. Ugh…so my hope was to go to Seattle in December 2021 for two weeks. Well, that wasn’t going to work because, well, all those new strains and, yeah…But God had other plans. And that was good. Because we had the funds to put together this wedding. So, it all worked out.

Back to the wedding experience. I shopped around and asked people on my Facebook groups (yeah, I still Facebook! HAHA) And I came across a lot of recommendations for Teri, who is like the BEST DJ ever. And so I contacted French Kiss Productions and I never once regretted it. Teri wore so many hats, not just of a DJ. She was a Mama Bear when I needed it, a mentor, a hard-ass deadline boss; absolutely everything a mother preparing a daughter’s wedding could ask for. She also helped me find other resources because I am not a decorator. I don’t have a lick of style in my bones. Goodness, I would hate to see what this wedding would have looked like if I hadn’t had these wonderful women in my life to help me gather all my wants, needs, visions, and, well, everything!

We had about 60 people attend the wedding. We had a live stream for all those loved ones who couldn’t be here with us. And for the reception, our family prepared all the food ourselves. You’d be jealous of the lineup of yummy food served. Trini food and Croatian Food. I’d list it all, but then I would have to explain what everything was. All I know is it was some damn fine food. On our side of the family, my brother-in-law and sister-in-laws slave away in the kitchen for two days and two nights straight preparing everything.

You’d be surprised, but the biggest obstacle I experienced through all this was finding two-liter sodas. Well, actually, you’ve probably seen the empty shelves in your local grocery store, so, it probably isn’t a surprise. What was a surprise, apparently people who enjoy alcohol do not drink soda that often? At least, not Sprite. Liquor Stores had tons of 2 liters! LOL

Anyway, the whole point of this post is to restate my message from my previous post. Don’t block the glimmers of goodness in your life right now. You need those. It’s hard out there right now. It’s damn scary! You deserve to swaddle yourselves in the glimmers. Look for the highs, those things that make you feel good, feel warm and fuzzy, feel like you’re floating on air. (REDBULL style-but all natural!)

Here’s some pictures of our glimmers from that magical day! I’d love to see some of your own pictures. Drop me a like, follow, or just share a story or picture. Hell, I’ll take a meme if it makes me smile and feel good!!!


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