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I Am A Peacemaker

2. I treat others the way THEY want to be treated, not the way I want to treated. We don’t all want to be treated the same way, so is it fair of me to put my beliefs and thoughts and feelings onto another in order to determine how to treat them?

3. I protect the vulnerable. We often think of children when we think of the word vulnerable, but all of us are vulnerable in some manner. If someone tells me they are fearful of something, I do my best to protect from making them feel that fear.

4. I listen with an open mind. Having an open mind doesn’t just mean you listen to someone. It means being open to possible change and adapting to differences.

5. I practice forgiveness, offer encouragement, and kindness.

6. I practice tolerance as well as take notice of my effect on other people.

7. I value community and do my best to protect the environment.

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