Sleep Better

1. Don’t watch television.
2. Don’t watch your phone.
3. Don’t eat.
4. Don’t use your computer. (No work, no games, no color by number, no anything.)
5. Don’t take phone calls. (If you get a phone call, get up and leave your bedroom. This also enables you to give your full attention to the other person.)
6. Don’t listen to audiobooks.
7. Don’t read.
8. Don’t write

When it’s time to sleep, and you do any of these things, you are confusing your body. It impacts your senses and trains your mind and body to do things, to think, to be active. You get into a habit of staying in your bed, losing motivation to do things.

Many of these things are sooooo important to me and may be to you as well. So how do we incorporate important activities into our evening? Create a routine before you go to your bedroom. Choose what you want to do each day of the week in the evenings. Perhaps, like me, you want to read your bible every night. Or journal nightly. We can still do those things, but incorporate them into a ‘getting ready for bed’ evening routine.

Try it out, maybe for a week or a month. See what works for you and what doesn’t.

Just my suggestion.

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